Three kittens brutalized in 2 months with similar injuries. Could it be the same culprit?

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# May 21
Animal Earth offers reward to catch Tai Po cat killer
# Jan 8
More than 5,000 citizens turned up at the 1.08 March, according to LEGCO members and media reporters who participated in the march.
# Jan 6
Police arrested a man in evening 5-Jan who may be connected to the cases. Further investigation is underway.

# Jan 2
108 Action Group host Press Conference -- more than 20 media units attended

# Dec 28
Radio show at RTHK
# Dec 12
Nekobiyori (Japanese magazine) Reports
# Dec 10
Radio show at MetroFinance
# Dec 1
Police issued Identikit picture of culprit
# Nov 29
Apple Daily reports
# Nov 29
Hong Kong Economic Times reports
# Nov 28
SPCA to leaflet in Mongkok on Anti-Abuse
# Nov 22
"EasyFinder" Magazine reports
# Nov 21
"CATCHY" Magazine reports
# Nov 18
Bowie died after surgery

# Nov 15
3rd victim (Bowie) found in same place same injuries in Mongkok

# Nov 10
HK Alley Cat to put up fund-raising booth in pet fair on 4 Dec (POSTER)
# Nov 7
SCMP follow up report - City section
# Nov 6
HK Alley Cat Watch November Newsletter
# Nov 3
SCMP reports - City section >> First Person column
# Nov 2
Sylvia & ChopChop diary updated
# Nov 1
ChopChop's update (from HK Alley Cat Watch)
# Oct 30
A further 1,100+ signatures collected during the Yellow Ribbon Movement on 30 Oct, HelloPetWinWinDay
# Oct 26
Signature campaign to end on 31 Oct 2005!
# Oct 22
Videos of ChopChop & Sylvia
# Oct 22
Videos of Signature Campaign at CatShow
# Oct 19
More new photos added!
# Oct 18
Over 37,000 signatures received

# Oct 16
New updates of Syliva, ChopChop, and Luisa
(from HK Alley Cat Watch)

# Oct 14
Over 35,000 signatures received

# Oct 13
Public Forum opens
# Oct 13
Sylvia & ChopChop diary published
# Oct 11
Volunteers visit ChopChop
Photos of ChopChop
# Oct 10
Over 33,000 signatures received
# Oct 8
Chop Chop latest updates (2nd victim)
# Oct 7
Over 30,000 signatures received
# Oct 6
Sylvia's diary - The rescue
# Oct 4
Volunteers visit Sylvia - an amazingly friendly kitten. <Photos>
# Oct 4
Over 25,000 signatures received
# Oct 3
Over 21,000 signatures received
# Oct 2
Another victim kitten found (Oriental Daily)
# Oct 2
Victim Kitten (Sylvia) under the care of HK Alley Cat Watch (Detail)
# Oct 1
Over 10,000 signatures received.



We will publish more information soon about the Tai Po cat killing case of 2006-05-16. In the mean time, please go to our discussion forum for basic information.

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*** Thank You ! ***
The 108 Respect Life and Anti-Animal Abuse March was successfully concluded with much better response than anticipated. We set a new record of number of participants in the local history of fighting for animal rights. The 108 Action Group is truly overjoyed by the turnout. It is now proven that Hong Kong people are compassionate and long for justice. We would like to thank Hon Wong Kwok Hing, Hon James To, Hon Kwok Ka Ki, Hon Choy So Yuk, Mr. Chan Siu Tong, Miss Rashidah Mottee and Miss Lee San San for taking part in the event.

We are grateful for the assistance provided by the Hong Kong St John Ambulance and the police.

We also want to thank Dr. Grace Li for taking up the task as our volunteer veterinary surgeon. Special thanks to all members of the media whose reports on our event have attracted much attention and aroused discussion in the community.

All the selfless and hard working volunteers are certainly not forgotten. We thank you for upholding your faith in protecting life and equal treatment at the march. You have truly made a difference and all your efforts are much appreciated.

Last but not least, we would like to thank all the 5000 participants and more than 1000 animals who have joined us on 8 Jan 2006. Your courtesy and spirit of mutual help led to an orderly event. Your tolerance with the police decision to change the exit route made the march a great success. Your contribution shows that Hong Kong is indeed a civilized city.

Sylvia and Chop Chop may seem like any other kittens today, but they went through a lot of suffering and torture a few months ago. They, however, never gave up on themselves and, on the contrary, struggled to stay alive. Their experience gives us the opportunity to reflect on ourselves.

There are countless animals in Hong Kong that are suffering from starvation and sickness. Many of them die unnoticed. Their lives reveal certain facts of the city we are living in. Their homelessness represents our indifference. We urge you to show more concern over the lives around you. The help you render to cats, dogs, rabbits, birds or other human beings will eventually make you a better person.

We could not have made the 108 Respect Life and Anti-Animal Abuse March a success without your participation and contribution. We look forward to receiving positive response from the government. Only with updated and improved animal protection laws can we offer the helpless and voiceless a chance to better lives. We hope our Chief Executive will extend his love from his own fish to all the sheltered or homeless animals in Hong Kong so as to promote harmonious co-existence between humans and animals.

The march is over but we are only at the starting point of a very long journey to protect life. Many lives still await our help. Many misunderstandings remain unresolved. Our children need us to create a compassionate and civilized environment which is conducive to their healthy growth. We believe that you will all continue to work with us so that our society will be more just, warm, loving, compassionate. Only then will Hong Kong deserve to be an international city.

Best regards,

108 Action Group


15 November 2005
Another kitten brutalized AGAIN !!! - Found injured same place in Mongkok.

More detail to follow. Keep watching this space.

Chinese programme by RTHK, coming up on ATV, 16 November 2005, 7:00pm

Our Signature Campaign
has ended on 31 Oct 2005.
Please stay tuned for upcoming news and progress.

Sylvia and ChopChop have to go back to clinic every 3 days to 7 days to have their bandages changed. Sylvia will also need another surgery to take the bone pins out, so we are unsure how much the final bill will be until they fully recover.

After the first surgeries, the medical expenses for Sylvia and ChopChop have already exceeded $HK15,000. If you would like to help them, please click here.

You may want to take a look at a copy of the vet's bill here.

Hong Kong Cat Fanciers' Club
Champion Cat Show 2005

Thanks Everyone!

With the help of our volunteers, we have been able to collect over one thousand signatures from animal lovers at the Champion Cat Show held on 9th October 2005. Many people expressed their concern over the incident and have made certain requests. Further action will be taken after gathering all the signatures, and seeking further advice.

Thanks are due to Lamma Animal Welfare Centre and Hong Kong Concern Group for Pets who share their booths with us to host the campaign. Thanks also go to heart of BagMeHome and all the friends who spare their time to help at the event, and to all visitors and media who came to support and helped spread the words.

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About the Cat Show:
Help us speak for the vulnerable in our community. The story of "dog killer" in 2004 and the cat abuse incidents in Mongkok this year reveal cold-blooded acts that damage innocent lives. Please come forward and join our signature campaign now. Let's bring it to the attention of the authorities.
(1) To condemn the acts of the culprit.
(2) To provide leads to facilitate detection of the crime.
(3) To urge the police to apprehend the culprit.
(4) To demand attention of the HKSARG on cruelty against animals.
(5) To expedite legislative amendments and step up control on and prosecution against animal abusers.
(6) To arouse concern over the incident and promote prompt action against animal abuse.

Please notify the police and the SPCA immediately in case of any cruelty against animals. Offer your help now!

SPCA 24-Hour Emergency Hotline: 2711 1000

--- About our Working Group ---

The current campaign would not have been possible without the effort, hearts, advice, and precious time of a group of friends, which includes :

Man, Jerry, Kiki, Vicky, Sue, Charlotte, Buzz, Bernard,
Helena, Steven, Martha, Zion, Cheung Yuen Man,
David Wong (the convener)

We wish all the less-privileged animals will live a life they well deserve, and not being stepped on by the human race anymore.

--- About the Convener ---
Convenor: David Wong, an individual activist, actively participates in animal activities and is currently a volunteer under the SPCA Cat Colony Care Programme. He lives with his six cats and lives a life more or less like any other animal lovers.
Ideal: All living souls receive due respect they deserve.
What is toxoplasmosis?

Toxoplasmosis is a disease caused by a coccidian parasite called Toxoplasma gondii. The media often mentions the risk of humans (in particular pregnant women) acquiring this disease from contact with cats. When we examine the known facts on transmission of this parasite we can learn that it is wrong to imply cats are a major source of infection and that cat owners have little to fear from their pets! For more details

Chop Chop Photos
Sylvia Photos
Signature Campaign Photos (Oct 9)


ChopChop (1)

ChopChop (2)

If you would like to help these kittens recover from the trauma. Please check out HK Alley Cat Watch's website

Special Care Cases

If you can take care of these lovely kittens, please contact HK Alley Cat Watch.
Phone: 9310-0744 (English) 9659-7991 (Cantonese)



(23 September 2005, Oriental Daily)

Headline: Cat abuser in Mongkok brutalizing small kittens
A cat abuser has allegedly been breaking the limbs of small kittens in the streets of Mongkok. Three similar cases have occurred in the past year but we are not sure if one single person is responsible for the acts. SPCA urges the public to notify them or the police in case of any cruelty against animals is identified or suspected.

According to Miss Mui, who feeds stray cats in the area, she found a 4-month-old kitten in a back alley near Sai Yeung Choy Street and Nullah Road. “When I found her, her left forearm and right leg were already broken. She was limping around ….,” said the lady. The vet also confirmed that trauma was caused to the kitten’s spine. Fearing that the SPCA would destroy the kitten, Miss Mui is appealing to others in the community to save the kitten.


(2 October 2005, Oriental Daily)

Headline: 15 Thousand web viewers condemn the cat abuser